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This page gathers available documentation on the numerous subjects linked the project, including rocket science, turbofans, aerodynamics, amateur rocketry and SSTO.

An internal page has been created containing useful formulas related to thermodynamics and aerodynamics. Another page contains all heat transfer-related material.

Similar projects

  • Opennautics (European project) develops a hybrid engine for an amateur rocket, all open source.
  • WikiSat (European project, mostly Spanish) work on pico satellites and their launcher, mainly a rocket launched from a balloon (a rockoon).
  • Sweden Rocket Research Group, also an amateur project developing rocket engines and accessories, currently a hybrid engine. Link to their youtube videos.

Web pages

A more complete and multi-domain list of links is available on the amateur rocketry website, as well as on the ARocket mailing list, subscription available on this same site. Most useful links are below:

  • An important nasaspaceflight forum thread where ideas on micro-rocketry to orbit are discussed and shared.
  • A kind of spin-off of the above thread is the Orbital Aspirations weblog. It was recently created by Ed LeBouthillier and is already filled with lots of information on scaling down rocket equations to micro-rocketry, SSTO, reference papers, news of the domain and so on.
  • A scientist blog with some occasional rocketry: Gravity Loss.
  • Robert A. Braeunig's website on rocket and space technology, including a nice forum.


Books (online links)


Rocket engines

Specific topics of rocket egines:

Turbines and turbofans

  • Turbofan by Frederic P Miller, Agnes F Vandome and John McBrewster. 2009.
  • Jet propulsion: a simple guide to the aerodynamics and thermodynamic design and performance of jet engines, by N. A. Cumpsty. 2003.
  • Gas turbine theory by H. I. H. Saravanamuttoo, Gordon Frederick Crichton Rogers and Henry Cohen. 2001.

Other: Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, general physics

Videos (youtube links)