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Liquid Oxygen

See Propellants page and Wikipedia's page. See also tank page for insulation.

Boiling point of -182.95°C (90.20 K).

Critical temperature of -118.59°C (154.59 K) meaning that it cannot stay liquid above this temperature. Critical pressure is 5.043 MPa (49.77 atm).

Density: 1141 kg/m3 at 92.2K and 1 atm, 974.42 kg/m3 at 120K and 10bar

1 Litre of LOX provides 840 Litre of GOX (gaseous oxygen) at 1atm/20°C.

Like any liquid, LOX vaporizes when stored above its boiling point. The vapour builds up to pressure that the tank will no be able to contain, so a relief valve must be put in place to compensate this evaporation. Insulation limits the rate of vaporization, the best being the vacuum space between a tank inner and outer walls, like Dewar flasks.

Latent heat of vaporization: 213 kJ/kg (6.82 kJ/mol).

About safety and LOX systems, NASA White Sands Test Facility.