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This page has been created to help find resources on CFD, from a beginner level to achieve what we do in this project (nothing so far).

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

If you are new to CFD, a must read is this book, as recommended by cfd-online: Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics with Applications, by John David Anderson, 1995. Yes this book is nearly 20 years old, but is a very nice introduction to the topic, the theory doesn't age. A bad quality pdf is wandering on the Web.

My next advice is to read the free book Computational Fluid Dynamics, by Abdulnaser Sayma, 2009. It brings up to speed on modern techniques like finite element and finite volume methods. "The book provides the reader with the theoretical background of basic CFD methods without going into deep detail into the mathematics or numerical algorithms." Another great source of information is the video lectures on CFD from India's E-learning program (NPTEL), by Prof. S. Chakraborty.

If you want to see what CFD looks like on the theory and programming side, a brief overview of a basic method is presented in: A Practical Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics on GPUs from the GPU Tech Conference 2010 (direct link to slides+voice mp4 and presentation's pdf). This presentation's main topic is using OpenCL to speed up CFD applications, so OpenCL is briefly presented too if you're interested.

CFD-Wiki, lots of useful pages and references.