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Join the project!

One of the missions of this project is to provide easy access to complicated information and hard to find. Technologies are studied and compared, and results are clearly explained in order to explain why we have to chose one solution instead of another. Innovative solutions are also proposed and evaluated. All resources are made available freely, in accordance with OTASKI, check the licence here or there.

Why join?

Lots of technologies and scientific fields of research are covered by aerospace activity. Help is welcome, because it takes too much years to understand deeply all the details of each field. If you can provide information, resources or if you can orientate the choices made for the prototypes, I'd be glad to have you the project.

How to join?

Creating an account on the wiki allows you to participate to the project. It has to be accepted by administrators before you can use it. Account requests have to be completed with a minimum of information about what you would like to do in the project or in what domain you have some expertise. Thank you!